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Santam Bhuana

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Santam Bhuana

Holistic Herbalism
These herbal infusions come from the sacred Island of Bali. Grown organically and introduced by Gabrielle Schultz, a German expatriate, living in Bali for 19 years. Her passion towards gardening increased her ability to grow more medicinal plants and teach others their value.

During her time in Ubud Gabrielle meet her teacher Pak Ketut Arsana the founder and famous Mahatma therapist of Bodyworks Centre. Pak Ketut Arsana who opened the doors to Ashram Munivara, there he opened the doors to spiritual enlightenment by spiritual training, formed Santam Bhuana the organization for teaching, organic farming and inspired her to learn more about traditional Balinese Usada (Ayurveda) herbs and healing methods. 

With this divine teaching, the energy of mother earth’s health miracles are captured and given as a loving gift to nurture all of us in healing times and transformation.

Contact : +62 81 338 459 917 (Gaby)

Email : baliyogi@ubudorganic