Sari Organik

We at Sari Organik started to grow organic produce 12 years ago. We started experimenting with vegetables, fruit, rice and animals, trying to find a balanced system that will sustain itself and the environment with minimal input from other outside sources. Our aim is to build a model farm, a small family business that will […]

Santam Bhuana

Holistic HerbalismThese herbal infusions come from the sacred Island of Bali. Grown organically and introduced by Gabrielle Schultz, a German expatriate, living in Bali for 19 years. Her passion towards gardening increased her ability to grow more medicinal plants and teach others their value. During her time in Ubud Gabrielle meet her teacher Pak Ketut Arsana […]


KUÉ bakery has been creating elegant, delicious desserts and European style breads for the last nine years in Ubud. We make 14 different breads daily, (including wheat-free and gluten-free), 23 types of hand crafted chocolates and truffles, plus croissants, cakes, pies, tartes and other delicacies! Our stores sell homemade jams, jellies, conserves and chutneys; organic […]

Kayun Restaurant

Kayun, in Balinese, means “heart” or “feeling”.  Everyone who comes in contact with us at our restaurant, of course will feel something different. The heart touches all life in the universe; created with a heart creatures feel happiness, inner peace, and generate positive energy, synergistic at all times with everything natural.  All nourishment, from the […]

IDEP Selaras Alam

IDEP is a local Indonesian NGO based in Bali – Indonesia, founded in 1999, that develops and delivers training, community programs and media related to sustainable development through Permaculture, and Community-based Disaster Management. Email :

dLé Homemade

Starting from our desire to be economically independent and not tied to working with other people or companies, we are determined to make a business. The business that we want is a business that benefits not just economic benefits that we get, but also benefit the social life.  Therefore, we built a business that directly […]

Chock Chock Chocolate

We are a Balinese chocolatier, locally producing healthful, organic and delicious chocolate bars for conscious consumers. Our chocolates are available in three delicious flavours : Gila Gila  – Chocolate and caramelised almonds.  ChoK’lapa – Chocolate and almond bar with a coconut, vanilla almond butter topping.  Wedang – Our standard chocolate almond bar with traditional Javanese spices : ginger, cinnamon, lemon grass, pandan and vanilla. Contact : +62 878 3464 1639 / +62 […]

Bhuana Sari

The importance of organically-based agriculture in creating environmental friendly farming is our starting point at Buana Sari. Integrated Agricultural Systems (SIMANTRI), a breakthrough in accelerating the adoption of agricultural technology creates environmental friendly farming. We, at GAPOKTAN Bhuana Sari of Pejeng Kangin Village have established our farmlands and environment accordingly.  The Sida Bagia Mukti farmers […]

UD. Taru Amerta

UD Taru Amerta berdiri sejak tahun 2019. Dengan visi dan misi menyediakan bibit dan produk pertanian ramah lingkungan. Visi kami untuk menjual produk ramah lingkungan tentunya berkontribusi baik bagi kesehatan dan kelestarian lingkungan Apa saja yg dijual : Bibit buah-buahan, bibit sayuran, Saprodi Pertanian (Pupuk Kompos, Minyak Neem Huzz, Freemite, alat kebun) Alamat Usaha : […]

Kebun Kami organik

Kebun kami terletak di Banjar Pengembungan,desa pejeng Kangin, Tampaksiring. Kebun kami berdiri sekitar tahun 2006 yg dulu d kelola oleh team ibu Diana dan Ed dunk,berawal dari sana sampai sekarang saya salah satu dari team melanjutkan sebagai hobi dan pecinta pangan sehat,memberikan pangan sehat untuk keluarga dan pecinta pangan sehat yg lainnya, semoga ke depannya […]